Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bringing Translative Search to Reality

State Art

It has been pretty exciting to see how incremental intelligence empowering the modern day’s design of Software Solutions. Google brings lots of innovation to the business & most popular being the autosuggests combo-box, where you type & system interactively offers more relevant options to you.

Over the time it has been enhanced with the Semantic search that not just offers the textual match but even results over semantic matches.

Textual AutoSuggests 

Translative AutoSuggests 

The Technique:

Typically we will keep two datastore(s) that drive the translative search. The search logic gives preference to the textual/localized datastore and then fallback to English datastore.

In EDP we have taken one step ahead of providing results that not only match the search letters but also bring the matching words through dynamic translation.
In the above example, when you type buch  or accounting  ,both would results Buchhaltung as the English meaning of Buchhaltung is Accounting!!

This is a very basic setup to enable a Translative Search interface for any application, which can be further improved based on the business needs.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Innovation, the Basic Instinct of being at Helm..

Companies sustain at the Helm through Innovation and only Just Innovation.. A thought process has to be ignited and nourished among its people. It's a definitive success that kiss the future.

Top Three drivers :

1. Tailor the variations
2. Market the GAP
3. Generate Innovation